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    Develop your business efficiently while providing your customers with a world-class service experience! We offer small independent companies with cutting-edge, tech-driven, tailored business solutions necessary to succeed in today's competitive business climate.   
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    Serving the small business community. Specializing in independent service professionals, start-ups, and select non-profits.

BranDoor Helps You Open New Doors

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Leveraging affordable, integrated & scalable software solutions is at the heart of what we do. We meet independent professionals where they are and give them that "extra pair of hands" without the extra overhead. We help our clients get started, grow quickly, and operate with maximum efficiency by providing flexible direct consulting and self-service options through our trusted service providers. We are proud to be one of few providers to offer end-to-end service for small 1-3 person businesses, using our unique 6-step approach. We position you to create an instant competitive advantage. 

6-Step Process: Strategy, Finances, Operations, Information Systems, Marketing, Sales Training
Our Unique 6-Step Approach
Whether you are just starting from scratch, moving toward making your side-hustle full time, or have an established business, we meet you where you are at to help you grow with: 
  • 1. 360° Strategic Planning Support
  • 2. Financial Planning & Management
  • 3. Process Mapping & Operations
  • 4. Information System Integration
  • 5. Branding & Marketing Services
  • 6. Sales & Soft-Skills Training
Flexible Business Solutions

Offering full-service strategic planning while specializing in complete marketing solutions to help you grow. Powered by the affordable, integrated Zoho One Operating System, we are your one-stop shop to manage all core functions of your freelance service business or non-profit. Our expertise allows you to get started on the path to success, increase your sales, and operate at maximum efficiency.

Relationship Chart: Software impacting Customer Experience, Sales & Marketing, Operations & Compliance, Finance & Accounting
As a small service company, your software tremendously impacts every functional area of your business.

Three (3) Convenient Options to Assist You

Direct Consulting

Upfront, tailored expertise in all core business areas with affordable, customized hourly options or packages to meet your needs. We are eager to help you succeed, so be sure to take advantage of your complimentary 15-minute individual consultation. 

Guided Self-Service

We carefully select budget-friendly, trusted, highly-rated, and reputable service providers that align with our tech & service-first philosophy to help you along your exciting new journey. We believe these affiliates give you the most value for the price. 

Non-Profit Resources

There are many valuable government and non-profit resources focused on business. Several provide information, templates, and resources for you. They are the lowest cost but most time-intensive option. We provide you with the best publications we have found. 

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