BranDoor Business Solutions, LLC
BranDoor Business Solutions, LLC
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    Start, manage, and grow your business efficiently while providing a world-class service experience! We provide freelancers, sole proprietors, and other independent professionals with cutting-edge, tech-driven, tailored business solutions required to leapfrog competitors and compete with large industry competitors. 

    Accountants, Artists, Attorneys, Financial Advisors, Graphic Artists, Housekeepers, Insurance Agents, IT Specialists, Landscapers, Personal Trainers, Stylists, Writers & Many More...

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More On What We Do

We help our clients grow quickly and operate with maximum efficiency by leveraging the power of integration, automation, and business intelligence. We provide independent professionals that "extra pair of hands" without the extra overhead by leveraging the affordable, integrated & scalable Zoho suite of products. We are proud to be one of few providers to offer end-to-end service for truly small 1-2 person businesses. 

We are your one-stop shop for 360° Planning, Bookkeeping, Marketing (strategy, social, campaigns, SEO), Website Design, Sales Strategies, Executive Coaching, Process Improvement, Training & so much more. Self-serve & full service options available to suit your needs and budget. 

Planning & Goal Setting

We partner closely to ensure you have a 360-degree business plan that covers all bases with assertive yet attainable goals. We'll explore your product or service, price, market opportunities, determine your ideal client, what you want your brand to say, scout the competition, and the list goes on. 

Registration & Formation

We work together to develop a name for your business that makes sense in both the real and virtual worlds. We take steps to safeguard your identity proactively, then create an EIN, business e-mail, draft articles, register your entity, and more. 

New Business Resources

Bookkeeping & Finance

Leveraging Zoho Books or your preferred provider, we can get you set up with a business bank account, discuss basic finance strategy & go over the fundamentals of bookkeeping for business owners like managing invoices & expense tracking. I can manage this function for you as well. 

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Marketing & Website Design

Unless you are bursting at the seams with business, you're going to need a strategy to market yourself. Generally this consists of creating your digital presence: designing a SEO-optimized website, being active with sharing updates and content on social media- doing e-mail campaigns/promotions, think about loyalty programs, and more. 

Executive Coaching

Whether you help your clients in person, on the phone, or online, you need to be able to provide that 'wow' factor to keep them coming back. That can be hard to do while juggling client work, business tasks, and adulting in general. We check in frequently, reviewing progress to established goals to determine what you should start, stop, and continue doing to thrive. 

Sales Training & More

Offering instructional design and curriculum development, customized e-learning module content creation, 'how to' tutorial videos, customized job aids, LMS administration, virtual instructor-led training sessions (Go2Training, Zoom, WebEx), and in-classroom facilitation on a plethora of topics. Expertise in sales & service training that emphasizes needs analysis.

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