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Helpful Information for New Small Business Owners (SBO)

Did you know 20% of new small businesses fail in the first year and 50% falter by the end of the fifth?

Suppose you have ever attempted a D-I-Y home project, tried your hand at auto repair, or even started the latest diet or fitness routine just to abandon it a couple of days later. In that case, you know firsthand how easy it can be to underestimate time commitments, complexity, and will. Many things are harder than they look once you get into the thick of them and are easier to leave to a professional, and this is no exception. That is why so many people never start their business, or they do, but it never takes off then dissolves. Just because there are many free resources doesn't mean you have the time or patience to go through and do them- learning everything there is to know about business while simultaneously doing your core functions. That's why you need a trained professional to help you with the heavy lifting. 

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Making sure you succeed is where I come in because this journey you are on is too important to go it alone! We review two foundational elements and six critical dimensions of the business to ensure success. I then put together a customized plan, tailored to your unique needs, and work tirelessly to help you grow. My client-centered approach emphasizes using integrated software solutions at the center of your business to ensure a seamless, superior customer experience maximizing your productivity and profitability.

Two Foundational Elements When Starting a Business

Six Critical Dimensions of a Business

Okay this isn't a quick six-part check-the-box and you've got a new business list. MANY factors and considerations go into each of these steps, but you didn't stop by to read an essay.  Click the + sign on each topic to expand the menu and learn more. 

Registration & Formation Necessities

Name & Structure Properly to Avoid a Headache

How you structure your business impacts your personal liability, how profits are taxed, recurring fees/costs, and how you can deduct & depreciate certain expenses. When we register your business, it is imperative that you choose an appropriate name that reflects the services you provide or the goods you sell. You will want prospects & clients to recognize, recall, and engage with you easily. We'll talk through ideas to accomplish this while also taking steps to safeguard your identity since registering a company creates a variety of new public records. Note: if you are an entity more complex needs, I may refer you to a partner for additional guidance. 

Planning & Goal Setting Considerations

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

It is important to look at the full 360° view of your business, get your ideas on paper, and transform them into actionable SMART goals that yield the results you want. We will closely collaborate to review all aspects of your business: client processes & workflows, the software you are using for essential functions, how you track and manage your sales & expenses, who your ideal client is, how you market your business & yourself, and so much more. We will then set realistic milestones & benchmarks, reviewing and tracking your progress frequently along the way.

Info Systems & Tech Advice

Lack of integration & poor UX can make or break you!

No matter what type of business you run, leveraging integrated information systems early in the process is paramount to your long-term productivity and profitability. Using disjointed 'free' programs tends to cause issues as you grow and scale. Zoho, a cloud-based SaaS provider, is my preferred platform to work with for my business and that I recommend to many clients. They offer a secure, comprehensive, scalable, affordable product suite that provides entrepreneurs on a budget powerful tools and insights to compete with more established competitors and larger firms. When you start with affordable, customizable software that has your website, CRM, e-mail & social media campaigns, invoicing & payments software, accounting platform, and other programs work in sync, you win!

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Finance Essentials

If your books are a mess, you may not have success

As a small business owner, margins are tight, so it is imperative that you track every deductible expense and each dollar. Are you driving to somewhere to buy supplies? Let's find an easy way to log that and make your future CPA (unless you are one) a lot happier. Need to pay yourself? There are some special considerations. BTW, keeping your business finances separate from your personal finances is crucial. Incomplete records and co-mingling of funds can lead to disastrous consequences. We'll go over fundamental best-practice business accounting principles and leverage simple software solutions to track everything with minimal manual effort seamlessly. As needed, I can perform many of these core bookeeping functions for you each month or quarter or you can self-serve. 

Marketing & Sales Success

Sales & Marketing just hit different for SBOs

Marketing & sales overlap a lot when you're a busy entrepreneur. We will work together to develop a marketing strategy best suited to your unique needs to help you succeed. For many clients, this means a combination of: creating a responsive and data-driven website that works well with other programs and campaigns; leveraging social media & free auxiliary apps (Yelp, MeetUp); exploring best practices for uncovering client needs in-person, over the phone, and through chat & e-mail interaction; becoming an affiliate and finding other income sources when practical or possible, and SO much more.I'll equip you with all of the tools you need to turn your prospects into clients. Then turn your clients into loyal promoters that generate additional free word-of-mouth business for you. 

Operations & Compliance Requirements

Ah, Ops & Compliance- you don't have to like them, but you have to do them. 

I take a close look at your current or planned business process and operations to understand how you engage your clients, business partners, suppliers, and others. Tech solutions like Zoho One, the preferred integrated software suite I work with, is one component of helping the business run smoothly. I will apply general lean/six-sigma-inspired process mapping, review, and improvement methods to make necessary suggestions. We also will discuss high-level rules and regulations relevant to your industry or business in general and create a compliance game-plan. I introduce you to valuable resources that help you stay up-to-date on important matters that could impact your business or industry. As an entrepreneur, you'll have much free space to color outside of the lines and create, but there are some lines you can't cross. 

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 I can't stress enough how doing some front-end planning and modest early strategic investments will help you in the long-run. Once you get going, you can quickly get bogged down and stuck in a cycle of frustration and inefficiency if you do not start on the right foundation. I will help you maximize client value and distinguish yourself from your competitors- breaking through all the noise. Your success is my success and your business is my business, so we'll take a comprehensive look at all areas of your business or ideas. My client-centered approach emphasizes using integrated software solutions at the center of your business to ensure a seamless, superior customer experience while maximizing your productivity and profitability. In tandem, we review and work on your personal customer service, sales, and marketing skills. 

Free Resources You May Find Helpful

Free D-I-Y Resources You May Find Helpful

There are many organizations that can provide you resources and expert help. Generally speaking, you will get a lot of information to do-it-yourself with plenty of help and resources along the way; they are very beneficial resources. If you are a self-starter with a lot of time then go-get 'em!

Score is a non-profit that has a network of volunteer expert business mentors. 

Small Business Administration has a plethora of resources to help you plan and start a business. 

Maryland Small Business Development Center offers free consulting services and training at low to no cost. 

You local library, county or state government are also fantastic resources. Some library systems even provide access to databases integral to gathering business/marketing intelligence.