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B-R-A-N-D Method of Sales & Marketing

The BRAND method is developed for busy freelancers and service providers, incorporating critical sales, marketing, and branding elements into every touchpoint. This easy-to-follow methodology helps professionals in every industry with a broad framework (designed to be further customized) to guide client engagement strategy and deliver on business plan milestones.  The process helps keep customer service best practices and core communication principles top of mind. Using automation, AI, and machine learning where appropriate, the BRAND process enables you to ensure consistency and excel in core sales objectives. 

Each step of the process builds on the next, and the overall time it takes to work through from beginning to end depends on the service you offer. Once you reach the last stage and Deliver your service, you move back to the first stage to continue Building your positive impressions through continued personailzed engagement. You create a continuous useful positive feedback loop with your customers. 

BRAND Your Business

Build Positive, Lasting Impressions (10%)

Every client, every channel, every time. You do this by providing a seamless user experience, taking a genuine interest in your customers, and positioning yourself as a person who understands their needs, can solve their problems, and enrich their lives with your service. 

Review Needs, Preferences Thoroughly (30%)

Never miss an opportunity to understand better a prospect or client. During live communication, you learn to ask high-impact questions that engage clients in conversation that help you entirely understand their current needs while pinpointing future needs. Static interactions are crafted to include clear calls-to-action to move customers to a live channel, utilize brief surveys, use chatbots wisely, and encourage engagement through commenting, liking, rating, etc. 

Analyze Responses, Provide Solutions (30%)

Combine data-driven insights with your expertise in an instant. Insights gained from your ongoing review, website visits, campaign engagement, e-mails, social media, etc., help you recommend the ideal solution for your clients, lowering churn and abandonment rates. You can confidently make your pitch, focusing on the top 1-2  benefits (what they will gain)then describe relevant service attributes (how it works/what it does). 

Notice Client Reception to Your Pitch (10%)

Pay close attention to how your recommended solution resonates. You can gauge this through facial expressions, tone, responsiveness to a chat, completion of the desired CTA, etc. If the client seems genuinely interested, you move to the next step. If the customer expresses hesitation, uncertainty, or resistance, you unpack what is giving them pause. You then address concerns in a proven, systematic way. Providing easy access to testimonials, ratings, calculators, comparison charts, and other tools gives you credibility

Deliver Service and Continuously Delight (20%)

Provide your service to the customer. You delight them by checking in shortly after key interactions to see how your services compared to their expectations, offering to answer any questions they may have, while addressing any gaps. Service delivery can mean securing a signed service agreement, collecting payment, having them sign up, subscribe, going on site to complete the work, or something else. Consider additional products or services that may benefit the customer and offer them, as appropriate, to expand your relationship. 

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