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Tailored Training & Development Solutions 

When out-of-the box vendor training doesn't cut it, you need customized instructor-led training sessions or e-learning module development to meet your specific objectives & outcomes. Teach yourself or your employees a new soft or technical skill, focus on an important policy, educate about an upcoming software upgrade, and more!  

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Training Services

Training Needs Analysis & Instructional Design

Using the ADDIE method and carefully crafted instructional design questions, I will start by closely collaborating with all key stakeholders to perform a thorough training needs assessment. We will determine the most effective training solution for your specific project and business needs. This depends on the type of training (whether we are teaching a software program, technical function, or concept), the target audience, when stable content will be available from your subject matter experts, expected turnaround time, and other considerations. 

Instructor-Led Training & Facilitation

I am available to facilitate instructor-led training sessions locally within a 20-mile radius of Towson, MD. I can travel, at client expense, to other locations across the U.S. as needed. I quickly adapt my style to the audience and subject matter being taught to ensure each learner acquires and retains the knowledge taught. I apply Adult Learning Theory best practices and often refer to the Socratic teaching method to prompt dialog and foster an environment of collaboration and peer-to-peer learning. As permitted and practical, I incorporate fun activities and games to solidify learner understanding. 

Learning Management System (LMS) Administration

Many organizations - especially smaller ones- cannot afford full-time training staff, and those who can are often hard-pressed to have a full-time LMS Administrator. Content quickly becomes outdated, user management can easily fall by the wayside, and individual learner progress can easily be unaccounted for. I can perform all LMS administration functions from user management to data-clean-up to updating learner transcripts, publishing new learning content, and more!

eLearning Module Creation

Quality e-learning modules are often one of the best training solutions because they can engage all learning styles (visual, auditory, and tactile) and allow employees to learn the information promptly, at their pace, in their workspace, and be referenced later. Utilizing programs like Articulate 360 & Camtasia, I create interactive e-learning modules to help your employees learn and retain new concepts. Modules can be designed to be 'straight to the point' or contain interactive games, quizzes, video tutorials, and much more to engage the learner further. I'll make recommendations, but you'll make the ultimate call on design and development during key milestones. 

Virtual Training

Do you want someone to read pages of technical jargon or a PowerPoint slide at you, or do you need training? Using software like Zoom, Go2Training, or similar, I can provide your learners with an interactive, quality, live remote training experience on any number of topics. Employees will be engaged with the content presented every step of the way with adequate activities and safeguards to ensure knowledge acquisition and retention. More than one session is needed for some topics or group sizes, but most training can be recorded and stored for future reference.  

Video Tutorials

I can create stand-alone training videos. A video tutorial can be embedded into an e-learning module, but, by itself, even with the best of call-outs, it is informative but technically not 'training'. That is because there are typically no activities, no interaction, and generally little in the way of objectives being displayed and concepts being summarized. It is showing and telling with fewer mechanisms for feedback and evaluation. Still, sometimes that is all you may need to have an employee reference back to how to complete a common software function, or navigate the new company intranet. 

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Training Project Process Overview 

Submit Your Request

Provide me with some basic information regarding the topic you would like to train employees on, timeframes, preferred delivery method, and other factors so I can begin to research the best solutions. 

Customized Needs Assessment

I will review the information provided, do some preliminary research, share some initial thoughts, then collaborate with you and key project stakeholders to determine the most effective delivery solution. 

Design & Development

Based on our discussions and your delivery of stable content, I will start work designing and developing your e-learning module, instructor-led training course (virtual or remote), training video, and any other training artifact. 

Stakeholder Review

We will establish critical touch points throughout the design & development process for stakeholders to review content accuracy and provide direct feedback.  

Content Delivery

This is where I send you the finished e-learning product to push out to your employees or facilitate the course for you. In doing so, paying close attention to learner engagement and content quality. 

Evaluation & Updates

Detailed feedback is collected from the end-users to determine the efficacy of the training. Updates to the content, deliver, and more will be made in conjunction with all key stakeholders. 

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